Kanzi tools are widely used by our customers as stand-alone products for in-house automotive HMI design and development.

Our core Kanzi products are also available in the form of a reference implementation to accelerate development in a multi-screen digital cockpit with Android Automotive infotainment. Additionally, although Kanzi is cross-platform by design, certain highly optimized variants require adaptation and customization and are therefore available as turnkey solutions.



The Kanzi Reference HMI accelerates digital cockpit development by including four core Kanzi products; reference applications, services, and assets; and professional services. Customers can jump-start development, using this integrated platform as the basis for production designs to bring HMI innovations to market quickly.

The Kanzi Reference HMI is ideal for fast prototyping on automotive-grade hardware and typical production vehicle systems from day one, and for building forward-looking concept cars and HMI demonstrations with ready-made applications and logic.


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Combined 2D & 3D graphics rendering for low-cost SoCs

Kanzi Dual Rendering is an efficient HMI solution for cost-optimized SOCs with dedicated 2D and 3D graphics cores. On Renesas R-Car D3, the real-time 3D graphics are rendered on the 3D GPU at 30fps by Kanzi Runtime using OpenGL ES. The 2D overlay elements are rendered by Kanzi Lite Runtime on the 2D GPU at 60fps. Leveraging parallelization between graphics APIs and GPUs, the final HMI delivers a robust and responsive digital instrument cluster.


Designer-led unified workflow

With Kanzi Dual Rendering, the UI can be designed and deployed with a single HMI tool. Leveraging multi-project support and optimized rendering engines for both 2D and 3D GPUs in Kanzi 3.6, the 2D and 3D projects are combined in Kanzi Studio live preview. Each project is easily exported to the appropriate back-end on the target platform. The Kanzi workflow enables rapid prototyping and design iteration while drastically cutting HMI development time and expense.


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The power of Kanzi for MCU-based clusters

Kanzi Hybrid is a software platform designed for the creation of modern hybrid clusters running on microcontrollers. This turnkey solution, seen here on Renesas RH850 DX1 MCU, enables development of high-quality instrument clusters with high efficiency, saving development time and cost.

Leveraging Kanzi to scale across segments

The Kanzi product family scales from premium digital cockpits all the way to entry-level hybrid clusters, significantly reducing cost and increasing reliability by eliminating proprietary graphics coding traditionally needed on MCU-based platforms. Powered by Kanzi Lite to maximize graphics performance on constrained platforms, Kanzi Hybrid allows reuse and sharing of UI components and widgets for consistent brand identity across variants and segments.

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ISO26262 compliance for instrument clusters

Kanzi Safety provides an independent ISO 26262 ASIL A and ASIL B certifiable 2D graphics pipeline which runs in parallel with the main UI. It ensures safety-critical UI elements are loaded and displayed correctly, and that they remain up and running even if the main UI stack fails.

Kanzi Safety - Unified workflow

Kanzi Safety integrates safety-critical and non-safety-critical pipelines into one Kanzi Studio workflow. Both UI parts can be designed in Kanzi Studio and the combined result can be seen in live preview and exported as separate packages to be deployed on target hardware.


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