Team: Kanzi UI

Kanzi UI software is the world’s leading software for creating advanced user interfaces in the automotive sector. The Kanzi UI business unit is home to some 40 professionals developing the core products on which our value is built, Kanzi Studio and Kanzi Runtime. There is a reason for our leading market position: these products are the most user-friendly and advanced tools, streamlining development and putting the designer first. This is the team that maintains our core advantage, enabling the world’s leading automotive brands to continue to create stunning instrument clusters and infotainment systems.


We are always on the lookout for a talented engineer who is sharp, witty, and potentially top caliber at programming. Based on your skills from school, work, or hobby projects, you will be placed in the most compatible and technically challenging position we can find for you! You will get to work with all the latest graphics APIs, design tools, UI frameworks, hardware and software, while getting to know some of the biggest brands worldwide.

Who Are You?

You are a talented student or aspiring youngster, overflowing with potential and theoretical knowledge and hobby projects and enthusiasm to learn and grow! You may not know much, or you may not know that you don’t know much, or maybe you know a lot and don’t know that yet, or maybe you know that you know a lot. Either way, you’re about to learn a heck of a lot more, so prepare yourself : )

We require

  • An Open Mind really, since this is for a talented youngster
  • Theoretical: C and C++, Graphics APIs, OpenGL/ES, DirectX, qt, WPF, UI framework component development, DCC tools, and the list goes on..

We appreciate

  • See ‘We Require’ list : )
  • Excellent communication skills
  • You get along with others!

Apply now!

If this sounds like you, please send your CV and cover letter / portfolio in English with the subject entitled “Young Whipper Snapper”. We look forward to meeting you!

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