Team: Kanzi UI

Kanzi UI software is the world’s leading software for creating advanced user interfaces in the automotive sector. The Kanzi UI business unit is home to over 40 professionals developing the core products on which our value is built, Kanzi Studio and Kanzi Runtime. Our Kanzi products are the most advanced and user-friendly tools, streamlining development and always putting the designer first. This is the team that maintains our core advantage, enabling the world’s leading automotive brands to continue to create stunning instrument clusters and infotainment systems.


As Graphics specialist, your target is to enhance the graphics pipeline of Kanzi Runtime with a new set of features. You will be also developing related UI tools and workflows for designers to be able to effectively realize their concepts and visions. Examples of your work areas are 2D effects, 3D post-processing effects, scene and composition management, physically-based materials and shading pipeline. You will work on a versatile team of fellow software engineers, artists, technical designers, documentation specialists, and QA experts. On this small software team, you will have a significant impact on future user interfaces.

Who Are You?

You are a software developer with passion for graphics. You have acquired good graphics programming and software development skills and you want to constantly develop yourself and keep updated on the latest development in the field. You are either a seasoned expert or a young rising star. The exact job will be tailored for you based on your experience.

We require

  • Passion for great graphics and high quality rendering
  • Understanding of rendering techniques and graphics rendering pipeline
  • Experience with C/C++ and low level graphics APIs (DirectX/OpenGL/equivalent)
  • Experience with graphics performance profiling and optimization

We appreciate

  • Experience developing tools and workflows
  • Experience with Unity, Unreal or other 3D game engines
  • Experience with mobile / embedded systems

Apply now!

To apply, please send your English CV and cover letter in English. We look forward to meeting you!

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