Kanzi Partner Program (KPP) is a global ecosystem of companies working together to develop HMIs by utilizing Rightware’s Kanzi UI design software.


Kanzi is a well recognized brand in the automotive industry. Our OEM and Tier 1 customers are continuously evaluating new partners and technologies to be used with Kanzi UI. We naturally recommend our official Kanzi partners.


Rightware runs various activities to provide a platform for networking opportunities, digital and personal, for both Kanzi partners and customers. You can work closely with our KPP members from Tier 1s, integrators, software providers, and semiconductors.

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You have access to various communication channels managed by Rightware to share information with other Kanzi experts. Together we maximize the business potential by offering comprehensive offers to customers/partners in this new real-time rendered digital automotive age.

Kanzi Delivery Partners

Delivery Partners, such as Tier 1s, integrators, and design houses, use Kanzi in their design or production process.

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Kanzi Technology Partners

Technology Partners provide complementary platform or end-user hardware, software, or services integrated with Kanzi.

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