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  • October 12, 2015

Rightware releases Kanzi UI Solution 3.2

Rightware has released the 3.2 version of Kanzi, the leading User Interface creation solution.


New Features

  • State Manager enhancements, including new easing functions and easing modes for transition animations, enabling you to create richer and more complex transitions faster
  • Support for prefiltered cubemaps when using .dds files, enabling 3D designers to define cubemap faces and mipmaps in a single .dds file. After importing a .dds file Kanzi automatically creates a cubemap texture, sets the cubemap faces, and uses the mipmaps defined in the .dds file. This feature can significantly improve visual quality and speed up the design workflow.

Also included...

  • Many new tutorials
  • Various feature improvements and bug fixes

Contact us for an evaluation version of Kanzi UI Solution.