• November 12, 2014

Rightware featured in Kauppalehti (Finland's "Financial Times")

We are featured in today's Kauppalehti (Finland's "Financial Times")!

According to Audi, all new Audi models (starting from the next Q7 and A4) will feature the Virtual Cockpit, which is developed with and running on Rightware's Kanzi HMI Solution.

Check out the Virtual Cockpit video https://publisher.qbrick.com/Embed.aspx?mid=05B6FABE  

Read the full article in Finnish: http://www.kauppalehti.fi/omayritys/audi+vaihtaa+mittaristot/201411707455  


The virtual cockpit of an Audi TT running Rightware Kanzi

 An article in Kauppalehti on Rightware's collaboration with Audi