Kanzi® Performance Analyzer provides unprecedented insight into the performance of your automotive software and hardware platforms. Our solution enables you to test all aspects that affect the performance of modern Human–Machine Interfaces, so you can make the right hardware and software choices for your project. HMI performance testing has never been so easy!

Key benefits

  • Run demanding tests based on real-world automotive use cases, including configurable clusters, infotainment and more
  • Test all aspects of a platform, including GPU, CPU, RAM, Operating System, Drivers and the Graphics API
  • Save time and money when deciding on your next HW/SW platform
  • Measure your own custom HMI designs
  • Compare results across SoC’s, operating systems and driver versions
  • Receive insightful, detailed analytics and reports on the capabilities of tested platforms
Key benefits

Comprehensive tests

Kanzi Performance Analyzer rigorously tests all aspects your automotive platform, helping you choose the platform that can deliver the right cost-to-performance ratio for your project.

Kanzi Performance Analyzer is integrated with Kanzi, enabling you to test and analyze your custom HMI designs.

Comprehensive tests

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