A Distinctive Digital User Experience

Karma Automotive unveiled the 2020 Revero GT and the performance-oriented 2020 Revero GTS, luxury electric vehicles powered by dual electric motors, embodying Karma’s goals of offering leading automotive design, technology, customization and an outstanding customer experience.

When Karma’s design team wanted to create an industry-leading digital architecture for the 2020 Revero GT and 2020 Revero GTS, it created a partnership with Rightware to help create the human-machine interface (HMI) with Kanzi.

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Harmonious multi-screen UX

By using the same HMI tool across both in-vehicle displays, Karma created a seamless user experience reflecting the company's unique brand identity. The digital instrument cluster is configurable to suit the driver’s preferences, featuring a modern speedometer in addition to infotainment and map content, while the infotainment system has been upgraded with new services and stunning visuals.

Rapid UI development made possible by Kanzi


With the scalable and extendable Kanzi platform, Karma Automotive created two high quality HMIs in mere months and was able to meet development time targets.






… Kanzi enabled us to rapidly create a stunning and distinctive digital user experience that reflects our unique brand identity and take the Karma driving experience to another level.


— David Witt, UX + HMI Design Manager
     Karma Automotive


The Karma Revero GT and GTS case study: building a unique user experience

The history of our partnership

Our relationship with Karma Automotive began in 2015 and has continued to grow over the years..

Since our collaboration on the 2016 Revero HMI (along with Tier 1 partner SkyShips). the Kanzi family of UI tools has undergone several major updates, delivering IVI-specific features, enabling even greater creative freedom, and simplifying the workflow for large HMI teams with multi-user and multi-project support.

Read about the origins of the partnership between Rightware and Karma Automotive.


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