Rightware Kanzi Essentials

Rightware Kanzi UI design training is now available for the public. Join our training to learn to leverage the market leading user interface design and engineering tool.

This two-day training Rightware Kanzi Essentials provides the attendees with the essential know-how to get started with the Kanzi working environment and basic work flows. You will learn how to develop a fully functional, digital automotive cluster with high quality 2D and 3D assets. Participants will be introduced to the main features of Rightware Kanzi and you will learn how to use them efficiently.

Target Audience:
– Automotive designers, UI/UX designers, UI engineers, technical designers

Course Content:
– Introduction to Rightware Kanzi
– Overview of the main features
– Working with Kanzi Studio projects
– Getting familiar with the user interface
– Fundamental concepts of Kanzi Studio
– Walkthrough of the content you can create within Kanzi Studio
– Using layouts to effectivly create interface elements
– Import and use 2D and 3D assets
– Adjust look and feel of your content
– Create triggers to initate e.g. animations etc.
– Create logic and dependencies within your application
– Bring in functions by using JavaScripts
– Create states and customized transitions
– Define templates (prefabs)
– Establish an UI flow by using Pages
– Define shading and lighting for 3D components
– Workflow to create lists and list elements
– Workflow to fill lists automatically
– How to do instant prototyping with Android