Deliver great-looking UIs for microcontrollers

Kanzi UI design software that powers luxury vehicles is now available for low-cost hardware, with the new product extension Kanzi Lite. Kanzi Lite consists of the same Kanzi Studio and Kanzi Runtime, which has been optimized to fit onto devices with restrictions on RAM and ROM.

  • Rapid UI creation without proprietary graphics coding
  • High graphical fidelity even on low cost hardware
  • Run your design on any hardware and software platform

Kanzi Benefits

Kanzi Studio and Runtime 2x


The industry’s leading HMI toolchain for all your production cars

From economy to premium cars, Kanzi is the first-ever modern HMI toolchain that covers all production UIs. Kanzi UI software has been used by more than 25 Leading car manufacturers and shipped in 25 millions of cars. With the new extension Kanzi Lite, you can now create brand-rich and user-engaging UIs for all automotive segments – Kanzi for OpenGL ES enabled platforms and Kanzi Lite for microcontrollers.

Kanzi Use Cases

Deploy your Kanzi designs for any price point, and take your UI development to new frontiers and platforms without compromising on quality or reliability. Share resources flexibly between teams, and work seamlessly across segments.

  Kanzi Lite Project Kanzi Project Kanzi Project
Hardware Microcontroller Mid-end SoC High-end SoC and beyond
Memory footprint*      200-500KB RAM 2MB RAM 8MB RAM
Start-up time** 40ms <350ms <350ms
FPS*** >60 fps >60 fps >60 fps
Minimum requirements     CPU + 2D accelerator  OpenGL ES 2.0 OpenGL ES 2.0
Feature examples    2D user interfaces Seamless 2D and 3D user interfaces
Advanced visual graphics
Particle effects
Parallel computing
Use Cases Segment cluster
Infotainment system
Small integrated displays
Digital cluster
High-end infotainment System
Advanced HUD
Fully-configurable digital cluster
Cutting-edge/multiple display infotainment system

*It indicates memory usage of Kanzi Runtime engine.
**It indicates the start-up time of Kanzi Runtime after the operating system and drivers have loaded.
***Kanzi does not restrict the performance in any way, but leverages the complete performance of the platform.

Share resources

Share team members and knowledge across all your HMI projects by using a unified solution.

Reuse all designs

Share design assets, templates, widgets, application code, and plug-ins for all your production lines.

Any screen, anywhere

Design once and deploy on any screen, anywhere. Kanzi is hardware and operating system independent.

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