A getting-started kit for modern HMI development

Kanzi Reference HMI is an effortless way to get ready-made essential automotive HMI functionality in one package. Easy customization, rapid innovation, and creative brand differentiation are made possible with production-proven tooling, modular architecture, and reference applications, services, and assets. The state-of-the-art Kanzi Reference HMI is the most efficient way to get started with Android Automotive cockpit development.

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What's inside

Kanzi Reference HMI is a licensable package of Kanzi software tools:

Product family





Apps and services

Apps: cluster, IVI, HUD, mobile...

Features: car, media, HVAC, connectivity...

Ecosystems: Android automative, cloud services, AI...

Also included are reference applications and services well as UI assets and
pre-integrated services which are free to customize and commercialize.


Kanzi for Android

The Kanzi approach to Android Automotive is unique in the industry. OEMs can create a strong, branded visual identity while leveraging the vast Android ecosystem without sacrificing third-party app compliance.

With a graphics engine optimized for automotive platforms, Kanzi UI brings high-end 3D right into the Android tooling and workflow, while Kanzi Connect simplifies sharing of data and content from the Android Automotive system and apps across operating systems.

Using the same production-proven HMI toolset across all operating systems allows full customization and delivers a seamless user experience across the digital cockpit.

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Revolutionizing Maps in the Automotive UX

Kanzi Maps brings maps and the main UI into the same scene graph, making map visualization fully customizable within Kanzi Studio. This unified workflow enables map and UI designers to collaborate more seamlessly, harmonizing visualization and interaction. Kanzi Maps supports multiple backends, streaming map data as metadata directly into Kanzi UI.

Forward-looking use cases

Advanced map visualization is growing in importance as cars gain greater intelligence and autonomy. Kanzi Maps makes it easy to combine location-based data with real-time information from sensors, map providers, and online services to explore new ways of expressing the car’s surroundings and environmental conditions, navigation and related services, and the vehicle’s awareness and intent in ADAS and autonomous scenarios.

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Imagination in motion

Kanzi Particles enables designers to create unique effects, simulations, transitions, and visuals without coding complex shaders. Integrating into Kanzi Studio, it gives UI developers endless possibilities to implement effects in their HMI projects. Kanzi users simply define the location and characteristics of particles and their emitter nodes over time, and the particle system handles visualization. Kanzi Particles is optimized for embedded systems and runs on all current automotive platforms supporting OpenGL ES 2.0 or higher.

Advanced automotive use cases
  • Adjust climate control settings by dragging the airstream to target locations in the cabin

  • Animate speech to provide positive confirmation of voice commands in a multimodal user interface

  • Add detail and finesse with subtle effects to deliver the highest-quality user interface.

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