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Kanzi UI

With the new extension Kanzi Lite, Kanzi UI design software that powers luxury vehicles is now available for low-cost hardware.  From economy to premium cars, Kanzi is the industry’s leading HMI toolchain that covers all your production UIs.

Kanzi Connect

Kanzi Connect is the next-generation connectivity platform that enables you to integrate any data from local or cloud services to your native car HMI that maintains its own branding and high performance.

Kanzi Ecosystem

You have access to the HMI community and top Kanzi professionals worldwide through Kanzi Partner Program and Kanzi Professional Services, where world-class design and advanced technology meet.

Seeing is believing

Kanzi Lite demo “Apollo”

We will showcase a digital cluster with rich graphics running on a Cypress Traveo microcontroller with super short startup time (150 ms). This demo is created with Kanzi Lite, the new extension that enables Kanzi to support microcontroller units (MCU’s).

Spansion Demo

Next-generation HMIs in connected cars

Come to check out our latest demos showcasing the advanced technology that empowers world-class user interfaces of more than 25 car brands.

The demo themes include Virtual Reality technology for automotive UI prototyping, creating ISO26262 certifiable UI for safety critical automotive environments, personalizing the digital user experience in the car, multi-display experience, and integrating cloud services and data into native UIs in cars.

New Dashboard Render

Kanzi Partner Demos

We will also present Kanzi powered demos created by Kanzi partners including MTA, HCL, Tata Elxsi, Siili Solutions, Microfuzzy, and Conjure. All the demos are running on either an automotive platform or an Android/Windows tablet.

Cockpit Controller Integrating IVI with Instrument Cluster by OpenSynergy

Sakura instrument cluster application powered by Kanzi and a navigation application for the head unit are integrated each in a Linux virtual machine running on OpenSynergy’s virtualization platform COQOS SDK. Both systems share the processor and GPU of a single Renesas R-Car H3 device.

Open Synergy Demo Made With Kanzi UI Software

Interflow IC by Tata Elxsi

Interflow IC is a futuristic instrument cluster HMI demo powered by Kanzi. It showcases Vehicle Status, Navigation, Phone Call and Media Album played over two HMI themes. Tata Elxsi utilized the custom plugin and graphics rendering engine to achieve a highly realistic look which is required for automotive UI’s.

Tata Cluster Demo Made With Kanzi

DigiRetro Cockpit by Siili Solutions

The DigiRetro cockpit combines the latest technology with sophisticated interaction mechanisms and visualizations as well as bold design, to achieve a driving experience of complete control, impeccable style and flawless usability. The craftsmen of the digital age have utilized the Kanzi UI Solution to build this demo of the next generation dashboard for the connoisseur, the aesthete, the bon vivant of luxurious automobiles.

Siili Automotive Demo Made With Kanzi

Multi-Display IVI by MTA

MTA offers an “In-Vehicle” system with state-of-the art characteristics, lightning fast boot time and safety features like an anti-hacking mechanism. It can manage simultaneously both instrument panel and infotainment functions on as many as 3 screens. An “intelligent” 1 din central unit drives the system. Kanzi empowers MTA to develop rich graphics, which is a basic requirement for an efficient and a pleasant user experience.

MTA Cluster Demo Made With Kanzi

Thanon by Microfuzzy

Thanon is a connected IVI with integration to cloud based data sources, including Google maps, weather service. The demo features high definition 3D and 2D models, animations and advanced effects.

Microfuzzy IVI Demo Made With Kanzi


Cars are going digital and connected. Consumers expect easy access to apps and services with their personal information on multiple screens in cars. You need an advanced connectivity technology that enables data from mobile devices and cloud to be fully integrated into beautifully designed user interfaces that enhance your brand.

Kanzi Connect is the next-generation platform that brings automotive electronics, consumer devices and internet of things under one single interface. Come and check out our visionary demo powered by Kanzi Connect and learn how you can create digital instrument clusters and infotainment systems that maintain your brand identity and enable personalized user experience.

Network with automotive leaders

Rightware is hosting an exclusive evening where you’ll be able to network with automotive industry leaders. Our panel discussion “Towards the Augmented Reality Cockpit” will include esteemed participants including Mathias Halliger (Chief Architect, MMI System, Audi AG), John Wall (Executive VP and Head of QNX, QNX Software Systems), and Glenn Schuster (Sr. Director of Technical Marketing, Nvidia Corporation).

The event is sponsored by the Kanzi Partner Program.

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