User Interface Design Software

Kanzi enables the rapid design and development of user interfaces (UIs) for the automotive industry and other embedded applications. Kanzi UI design software provides designers with visual tools for creating high-fidelity branded UIs. With its agile workflow and modular architecture Kanzi accelerates UI design by allowing designers and engineers to work independently and in parallel without disruptions.


Key Benefits

Kanzi provides car manufacturers, Tier 1 companies and design studios with an efficient and agile approach for creating UIs for digital instrument clusters, infotainment systems, HUDs and more.

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Key Benefits

Powering Audi’s Award-winning User Interfaces

Kanzi is the tool of choice for Audi’s HMI design and engineering teams. Audi uses Kanzi for creating their industry-leading user interfaces, including the Virtual Cockpit and the MMI infotainment system. Kanzi can already be found powering more than 10 different Audi models.


“The user interface has become one of the key decision making points for consumers worldwide. Our longstanding cooperation with Rightware and our widening adoption of their Kanzi UI Solution has enabled us to continuously design and implement the industry’s leading user interfaces.

- Mathias Halliger, Chief Architect, Connected Vehicle Technologies, Audi AG

Case studies

Kanzi Workflow

With Kanzi designers and engineers are free to work independently and in parallel – decreasing development time while accelerating iteration cycles.

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Kanzi Studio

  • Real-time UI editor with Live Preview
  • Designer-oriented visual tools for UI creation – no coding required
  • Compatible with leading 2D and 3D file formats
  • Seamless 2D and 3D composition
  • Built-in library of UI components and layouts

Kanzi Runtime

  • Cross-Platform
  • C++ API for integrating the UI with services and data sources
  • Programmatic access to all features in Kanzi
  • Plug-in framework for extending built-in functionality
  • Industrial grade graphics rendering engine

Kanzi key features

Kanzi Studio