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Brand Guidelines

Rightware logo is a very important asset to represent our brand. This guideline is designed to help you use our Rightware logo, which must always be used to identify Rightware corporate, Rightware products or services. This guideline will introduce our logo design, give illustration of how “to use” and “not to use” Rightware logo, as well as provide you with download access.



Rightware logo kit for web and for other low res media (www pages, slideshows, documents etc.)  (308 kilobytes)

  • Package contains PNG-formatted Rightware logos in accepted colors (black, white, green and gray)
  • Please check out Rightware logo use guide below or from attached PDF


Rightware logo kit for printed media (magazines, news papers, flyers etc.) (4.5 megabytes)

  • Package contains Adobe Illustrator files from Rightware logo + one EPS file which contains all color variations of the Rightware logo
  • Please check out Rightware logo use guide below


Logo Introduction

Rightware logo consists of a marque “R” and RIGHTWARE logotype either on the right or below.

Rightware logo green exampleRightware logo green upright example

Logo color

Our primary corporate logo color is green for marque and black for logotype RIGHTWARE, which we recommend you to use in most of the cases. Additionally, we also provide black, grey and white versions just in case of some special occasions where you have to use certain colors.

Changes of the logo colors are not permitted.

Background Color Requirement

Rightware logo can be used only on solid background unless other permission is granted.

Background Alloweb logo(s)
Black background White logo only
Grey background White logo only
Light grey background Black logo only
White background Green logo or Grey logo
Other background White logo or Black logo
Rightware logo on different backgrounds

Safe area

Logo Safe Area is logotype x-height

Rightware logo safe area

Scale Instruction

Smallest accepted logo size is minimum width of 90 pixels (72dpi)

logo Green     logo Green

Usage Guidelines


  • Modify the logo to meet your needs, but only with scaling and trimming transparent pixels.
  • Keep the logo safe area free of any other elements.


  • Distort logo
  • Change the color of logo
  • Use grey or green on colored bacground

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