WardsAuto UX, Novi, MI, October 1, 2019


Rightware, the leader in automotive UI technology, will be at WardsAuto UX in Novi, Michigan, on October 1, 2019. 

Presenting Advanced Graphics in Modern HMI Design

Ville Kolppo, Design Director, will be a presenter and panelist at the Building a Better UX breakout session. For a preview of his presentation, read his blog post Real-Time 3D Opening Doors for UX Designers.

Four Kanzi-powered award winners

Last year, the Ford Mustang and Lincoln Navigator were chosen for WardsAuto's '10 Best UX' award. This year, Kanzi powers four of the 2019 Wards 10 Best UX winners! Come experience all 10 award-winning cars at the event.

Advanced Kanzi demonstrations

Visit our booth to see how Kanzi can unleash your creativity in HMI design and accelerate your development process.

  • Kanzi for Android - An Android Automotive system with advanced 3D graphics, sharing data from Android-based apps and services across the multi-screen digital cockpit.
  • Kanzi Maps - A map renderer for Kanzi UI allowing full customization of visualization and interaction for any map data. The latest demonstration highlights new features including terrain rendering and road/route elevation.
  • A sampling of visual effects made with Kanzi UI, including post-processing, physically-based rendering, shader effects, photo-realistic materials, and new use-cases for Kanzi Particles.
  • Ford Mustang and Lincoln Navigator digital instrument clusters, winners of WardsAuto 2018 "10 Best UX", developed by Visteon using the Kanzi UI framework by Rightware.