Voice Control of an Intelligent Automotive UI

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In the rapidly evolving automotive technology landscape, the combination of connectivity and artificial intelligence promises to deliver new services, greater convenience, and increased safety on the road. An interesting application of these technologies together is voice control. In its most advanced state, this would lead to natural, interactive dialog with the car, allowing drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.

In our original Companion demonstration, we introduced speech recognition using the Google Cloud Speech API. Our intent was to show how Kanzi Connect can very easily enable a smartphone to be integrated into the user experience of a car with no built-in cellular connectivity. The driver issues verbal commands which are sent by the smartphone to the cloud and returned in textual format to control the IVI system.

We have since expanded on this demonstrator, introducing AI for natural interactive speech. At IAA Cars 2017 in Frankfurt, we showcased our Intelligent UI design concept, using Kanzi Connect to integrate IBM Watson into the scenario. The driver can make observations, ask questions, or issue commands. After being returned as text, these voice commands are sent to IBM Watson for interactive speech processing. Watch the live demonstration here:



This application of Kanzi Connect brings modern cloud-based services and functions into traditionally embedded environments. Kanzi Connect brings any data and any services to any device. Learn more here: www.rightware.com/kanzi-connect/

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