Working With Tomorrow's Automotive Design Leaders

Digital HMI design has become an important part of interior design for automotive brands. Car manufacturers are making the transition from the world of chrome and leather to digital design and want to make sure the HMI has the same branded look-and-feel as the rest of the interior. This means that young designers who understand both the physical and digital world will be in high demand in the future.

Rightware collaborates with a variety of schools in automotive digital UI design. This gives us an opportunity to coach new youth into business and to learn and get influenced by young and innovative people.

Rightware recently sponsored STANCE 16, an event where Vehicle Design graduates from Finland's Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Arts exhibited their thesis works.


This year's student designs varied massively in scale, from a small urban shape-changing motorcyle, through a tractor cab and 22ft boat, right up to a 2.5km long interstellar spacecraft. The show featured the first ever female Vehicle Design graduates from Finland.


The STANCE 2016 Award was given to Marjo Koivisto for her amazing client project - designing a mining vehicle, and her determination to create a large scale model for the show.

Rightware congratulates Marjo and wishes her all the best in her design career.



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