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Mamaging UI screens

Managing UI Screens with Pages in Kanzi (excerpt)


Managing UI Screens with Pages

June 28, 2016

As automotive HMIs are getting increasingly complex, managing the design and creation of the HMI UI has become challenging. Watch this webinar to learn how the Pages module in Kanzi Studio makes it simple to manage complex HMI projects by providing a visual overview over the entire design. See how Pages speeds up UI creation by enabling designers to rapidly create new screens and interactions and to manage the UI flow.

Rightware Webinar - Connecting the UI with Data (March 2016) public

Connecting the UI with Data

March 23, 2016

When designing automotive Human-Machine Interfaces, it’s crucial to connect the user interface with data and application logic early in the development process. Watch this webinar to learn how Rightware’s Kanzi software significantly accelerates HMI development by allowing HMI designers to easily plug in automotive data sources into the user interface.

Kanzi Performance Analyzer webinar June 17 2015

Choosing the SoC platform for your HMI – Performance vs. Cost

June 17, 2015

Automotive companies are constantly trying to find the right System-on-a-Chip that can deliver enough graphical performance at the right price point for each HMI. Watch this webinar to learn a revolutionary solution with a library of demanding tests for measuring and comparing the performance of automotive hardware and software platforms – Kanzi Performance Analyzer.

Automotive HMI Designs into Reality (USA session), 13 May 2015

Automotive HMI Designs into Reality

May 13, 2015

Digitalization of the modern car is moving at breakneck speed, with over 70% of cars expected to have a digital display in the instrument cluster by 2018. Watch this webinar to learn about how automotive HMI teams must change their tools and processes in order to stay competitive – to meet and even exceed the design vision.

The Future of Automotive UX - Download presentation deck