Rightware sponsors Toyota Gazoo Racing WRC co-driver Jonne Halttunen

Rightware Sponsors Toyota Gazoo Racing WRC Co-Driver Jonne Halttunen - John and Ville standing together in front of the Kanzi logo.

HELSINKI, February 20, 2020 – Rightware, the Finnish software company behind the Kanzi brand of user interface technology used by automakers around the globe, supports domestic talent in sponsoring Toyota Gazoo Racing co-driver Jonne Halttunen for the 2020 World Rally Championship season.

The new Toyota Gazoo Racing line-up includes the Finnish driver/co-driver duo of Kalle Rovanperä and Jonne Halttunen. Rightware seized the opportunity to cooperate with co-driver Halttunen, sponsoring him for the 2020 WRC season.

“It is great to be sponsored by a globally successful, Finnish automotive company. I'm looking forward to the rally season and to getting to know Rightware's team and products,” said Jonne Halttunen, Co-Driver, Toyota Gazoo Racing.

Rovanperä and Halttunen are off to a strong start this season. They placed fifth in Monte Carlo at the opening rally, and third in the following race in Sweden.

"It is an honor for Rightware to support such talent and to help maintain the strong Finnish rally tradition,” said Ville Ilves, Rightware CEO. “We wish the team the greatest success this season."

Information about the team and its race calendar is available at toyotagazooracing.com/wrc/, and the championship series can be watched on wrc.com. Rightware will be sharing highlights during the season on its Facebook page, Rightware.

Rightware Sponsors Toyota Gazoo Racing WRC Co-Driver Jonne Halttunen - image of the driver

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