Rightware releases Kanzi Safety for ISO 26262 compliance


 April 23, 2018 – Kanzi Safety 1.0 is now available for production automotive programs. Kanzi Safety is a Kanzi plugin enabling seamless development of automotive user interfaces compliant with functional safety standards. It provides an independent ISO 26262 ASIL A & B certifiable 2D pipeline in parallel with the main UI. Kanzi Safety ensures that safety-critical UI elements are loaded and displayed correctly and that they remain up and running in the event of a failure of the main UI.

As security is built into compute platforms from the bottom up, ISO 26262 implementations are by necessity platform-specific. Although Kanzi is cross-platform by design, Kanzi Safety 1.0 is designed for the QNX 6.5 operating system and QPIC 1.0. Support for other operating systems will be available based on customer demand.


The Kanzi workflow accelerates development of ISO 26262 compliant HMIs. With Kanzi Safety, both the main UI and the safety-critical elements are rendered in their own layers. Both rendering pipelines are integrated into a single workflow: safety-critical as well as non-safety-critical elements can be designed in Kanzi Studio and both can be viewed together in Live Preview. Similarly, both can be exported as packages for deployment onto target hardware.

 Kanzi Safety 1.0 is available under a separate license for current licensees of Kanzi. Learn more about Kanzi at www.rightware.com/kanzi.

About Rightware

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