Rightware’s Kanzi powers interactive Multimedia Cockpit in award-winning Mercedes-Benz Actros flagship truck

HELSINKI and STUTTGART, October 26, 2020 – Rightware, the industry leader in software tools for automotive HMI development, has extended its business into the commercial vehicles segment.

Kanzi user interface (UI) tools enable a highly productive process for creative design and software engineering, accelerating human-machine interface (HMI) development and bringing significant cost savings to complex projects. Collaboration on the Mercedes-Benz Trucks Multimedia Cockpit exemplifies the workflow benefits across a complex supply chain.

In this case, Daimler Truck took the lead in UI design and implementation with Kanzi Studio, while its Tier 1 electronics supplier provided the platform including hardware, operating system, application logic, integration, and optimization. The Kanzi workflow enabled an advanced cockpit with a user experience and brand identity owned and managed by the vehicle original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

“In these challenging times when many companies are looking for cost savings, we were extremely pleased to see that this advanced digital cockpit system was delivered without any compromise to the user experience or to product capabilities, in record time and at low overall cost. This is the direct result of the boost Kanzi gives to productivity and efficiency of development”, said Tuomas Pöyry, Vice President of Sales at Rightware.

The trucking industry is a hotbed of innovation, as traditional telematics is being increasingly complemented by new apps and services, and the industry is actively taking steps towards semi-autonomous driving. Advanced UI and connectivity tools enable manufacturers to deliver operational convenience and display comfort, giving the driver a seamlessly connected workspace with digital services while increasing driver and fleet efficiency.

The Mercedes-Benz Actros truck, crowned International Truck of the Year 2020, is the first truck in production with both instrument cluster and infotainment system powered by Kanzi UI software.

“We are very pleased with the Actros user interface, where the advanced yet intuitive features in the cab are a key factor for our end customers and their drivers, with the aim to improve the driving experience,” said Dr. Joachim Weisbrod, Manager HMI Software at Mercedes-Benz Trucks. “Developing this fully digital HMI for the first time ever in a truck was a huge and truly global challenge including sites in the US, India, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Poland, and Germany.”

Photo Caption: The advanced multi-display multimedia cockpit in the award-winning Mercedes-Benz Actros truck, offering a unique level of operational convenience and display comfort, was developed with Kanzi UI software from Rightware. (Photo credit: Daimler AG)

About Kanzi
The Kanzi product family of software is used to manage the entire UX process from HMI design and development to integrating content across multiple operating systems within the vehicle. The platform affords automakers and Tier 1 suppliers faster HMI development using smaller design teams with greater creative freedom in a multi-display, connected cockpit.

About Rightware
Rightware provides tools and services for development of advanced digital user interfaces. The Kanzi philosophy is based on designer empowerment, prioritizing ease of use, rapid prototyping, workflow efficiency, high performance, and cross-platform support. Our passion is to unleash creativity and to enable fantastic user experiences. As a ThunderSoft company, our combined skills and assets allow us to deliver fully integrated HMI solutions, engineering support, and design services for automotive customers across the globe. Rightware is headquartered in Finland with a presence in the United States, Germany, Italy, China, South Korea, and Japan. Trusted by over 50 car brands, we are on track to powering the user experience in over 40 million cars by 2024. www.rightware.com

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