Rightware introduces reference HMI platform for multi-display connected vehicles at CES

Rightware's HMI platform demonstrated in a multi-display connected vehicle

LAS VEGAS, Monday, January 6, 2020 – Rightware today at CES launched its new Kanzi reference HMI (Human-Machine Interface) platform, which combines the company’s suite of automotive user experience (UX) design software into an integrated solution to help automakers and suppliers deliver the best possible user experience in multi-display digital cockpits.

Rightware at CES is showcasing its new Kanzi reference HMI platform, which combines the company’s suite of automotive user experience (UX) design software into an integrated solution for automakers and suppliers. 

Rightware’s integrated reference HMI platform is based on its industry-leading Kanzi product family to simplify and accelerate implementation of groundbreaking user experiences in next-generation vehicles. The implementation demonstrated at CES 2020 is built on the SA8155 3rd-Generation Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Automotive Cockpit Platform and showcases the unique value Kanzi brings to Android Automotive.

The Kanzi reference HMI packages Rightware’s user interface (UI) and connectivity products in a complete multi-screen solution. The platform includes core elements from the Kanzi product family of software -- Kanzi UI, Kanzi Connect, Kanzi Maps, and Kanzi Particles -- used by designers to manage the entire UX process from HMI development to integrating content across multiple operating systems within the vehicle. The platform affords automakers and Tier 1 suppliers faster HMI development using smaller design teams with greater creative freedom in a multi-display, connected cockpit.

“Automotive technology is advancing more rapidly than ever. As sensors and services generate increasing amounts of data and app ecosystems enter the connected vehicle, the industry needs more highly integrated solutions,” said Ville Ilves, CEO at Rightware. “The Kanzi product family decouples the UI layer from the underlying applications and systems, providing automakers and their suppliers flexibility to divide the work of design and engineering as they see fit.”

The Kanzi reference HMI takes this philosophy even further, providing a robust automotive-grade platform for UX innovation, from prototype through production, in a pre-integrated package. In addition to the Kanzi suite of software implemented with modern best practices, the reference HMI platform includes additional value with reference applications and seamless integration into the Android™ Automotive development environment, empowering automakers to differentiate their in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems with rich 3D graphics and shared data across all displays.

“The reference HMI affords automakers greater creative freedom in a multi-display, connected cockpit, even faster HMI development, and lower project risk,” said Tero Koivu, COO at Rightware. “This combination of products, reference Android applications, and simulator model enables essential forward-looking automotive use cases.”

The Kanzi reference HMI introduces ready-to-use adaptations for Android platform services and for a growing list of commercial services including HERE Open Location Platform, Spotify, and voice service Amazon Alexa.

At the heart of the Kanzi reference platform is Kanzi UI, the software empowering designers globally and accelerating HMI development for more than 50 automotive brands. This toolchain allows designers to implement their creative visions without coding while engineers deliver application logic and integrate data sources into the UI framework.

This visual tool is complemented by the connectivity platform Kanzi Connect, which delivers a truly seamless UX by simplifying the sharing of data from any app or service on any device.

Kanzi Maps allows automakers to strengthen their brand identity through creative visualization of maps while Kanzi Particles enables rich motion-based without coding.

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Rightware® provides tools and services for development of advanced digital user interfaces to over 50 automotive brands. The Kanzi® philosophy is based on designer empowerment, prioritizing ease of use, rapid prototyping, workflow efficiency, high performance, and cross-platform support. As a ThunderSoft® company, our combined skills and assets allow us to deliver fully integrated HMI solutions, engineering support, and design services for automotive customers across the globe. Rightware is headquartered in Finland with a presence in the US, Germany, Italy, China, South Korea, and Japan. For more information, visit www.rightware.com

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