Rightware Hack Day 2018

Hack the Maps Kickoff crop 2

By Tiia Kuokka, Resourcing & Development Manager. 

A few weeks ago, we arranged the very first internal hack event at Rightware headquarters. The goal was to have a day filled with innovation, collaboration, and fun with colleagues. All employees were invited to participate, whether or not they had any hands-on experience with our products. The challenge was to create in one working day a functioning application, where the only limitation and guideline was to produce a project with our Kanzi UI tool. Teams were allowed and even encouraged to use other Kanzi products, including Kanzi Maps, Kanzi Connect, and Kanzi Particles, though this was optional.

Innovative use cases, some more realistic than others, were uncovered, and more importantly, creativity and imagination were let loose. One of the more traditional projects was an exploration of Kanzi Maps, bringing in map data from our partner Mapbox, using realistic light sources to simulate time of day, using location and time, as seen here:

Hack the Maps Visual 1

Those of us who participated got to experience:

  • The teams consisted of a mix of experts, all bringing different skills and viewpoints to the table. It was refreshing to interact and collaborate with those colleagues you don’t often get to work with in your daily routines.
  • Tangible, concrete outcomes. Even though the teams only had a short period of time to create, the results were impressive. Some of the most valuable findings included, for example, even more efficient ways of using the Kanzi tools, as well as entirely new use cases and new examples of how to implement concepts with our tools.
  • Fun! Working on something out of the ordinary keeps the creative juices flowing and brings innovation to the center stage. Even though the teams took the challenge very seriously, the day involved a lot of experimenting, learning, and laughing!

Hack the Maps Visual 2

Based on this successful first experience, we have already decided to make these internal hack events a regular activity. After all, the benefits seem inarguable!

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