Rightware Demonstrates HMI UI and Connectivity Technology at Embedded World 2017, Nuremberg


The Rightware team attended Embedded World 2017 from March 14-16, 2017, for the third year running. This was a fantastic event, bringing together over 30,000 visitors and 1,000 exhibitors to talk all things embedded. Of course we were excited to show Kanzi in our familiar automotive context, but we were also there to demonstrate how Kanzi Connect technology can apply to any embedded environment.

Kanzi Connect Industrial Use Case Demonstration



In our booth, we demonstrated an industrial concept with Kanzi Connect enabling seamless connectivity across multiple devices. Kanzi Connect is a tool set and connectivity platform enabling integration of services and data across multiple HMIs, hardware platforms, operating systems, and UI technologies. To ensure broad compatibility, Kanzi Connect provides not only a C++ interface, but also a REST API for UIs written in HTML5 & Javascript.

The demonstration below shows two Garz & Fricke Santaro 7.0 touch-screen displays, one of which could be mounted on an industrial machine and the other in a control room, as well as a smartphone with an HTML5 browser. All three devices share access to the same data to form a totally integrated user experience. When the robot reports a malfunction, both the control room and a maintenance person are alerted, and the robot’s display provides information on the steps to fix it. When the repair is completed, the alarm is resolved across all the devices. What’s unique in this implementation is that we are actually running a Kanzi Connect server on the robot’s display device (an arbitrary choice), and all the other Kanzi Connect clients interact with the shared data directly. This seamless connectivity is developed with an SDK that brings the ease of use and rapid prototyping familiar to users of Kanzi Studio to the development of connected HMIs.

The Kanzi Connect SDK is available under a technology preview program to customers seeking early access and an opportunity to provide input into the direction of its development. To find out more, or to request access to the program, please visit www.rightware.com/kanzi-connect and fill out the request form.

Kanzi Lite Demonstration



We also showed Kanzi Lite, a version of our Kanzi UI development tool targeting lower-cost hardware platforms with no GPU. Kanzi Lite consists of the same Kanzi Studio, with all of its usability and process benefits, and an implementation of Kanzi Runtime optimized for devices with constrained RAM and ROM. Below, we demonstrate Kanzi Lite running on a Cypress Traveo microcontroller-based system. Note the incredibly rapid startup time of 150ms!

Kanzi Cross-Platform Demonstration

Finally, for those new to Kanzi, we highlighted the cross-platform nature of our well-known Kanzi UI design and development tool. Kanzi itself enables rapid prototyping and production of visually stunning HMIs with virtually no coding required, and a workflow and design process which dramatically reduce development cost and time-to-market. Kanzi supports a wide range of hardware platforms and software environments. Below, we present a brief overview of the tool and live demonstrations on a variety of operating systems running on the following platforms:

We’d love to hear from you about your needs. To request a trial license for Kanzi, please visit www.rightware.com/kanzi/trial/.

We hope to see you next year at Embedded World 2018!

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