Rightware Demonstrates Advanced HMI Connectivity with Kanzi Connect at CES 2017, Las Vegas

Kanzi connect

Rightware brought to CES 2017 live demonstrations of our latest technological advancement, Kanzi Connect. Kanzi Connect is a tool set and connectivity platform enabling truly seamless integration of services and data across multiple HMIs, hardware platforms, and operating systems. At its core, this technology gives UX developers the freedom to present and interact with any data on any display, regardless of the underlying platform. This seamless connectivity is developed with an SDK that brings the ease of use and rapid prototyping familiar to users of Kanzi Studio to the development of connected HMIs.

UI Content Sharing Across Multiple Devices




By running Kanzi Connect software on each operating system driving a display, multiple platforms can be integrated at the user interface level into a single logical system.

Here we demonstrate seamless synchronization of UI content (data and graphics assets) across multiple connected Android tablets, using Kanzi Studio for visualization and Kanzi Connect for data sharing across devices. The state of the aggregate display is maintained in a Kanzi Connect server, which runs locally on one of the devices. Any of the connected devices can manipulate or present the data, objects, or services maintained in the server.


Many automotive brands are already offering multiple screens in their cars. Kanzi Connect enables them to create a uniform visual environment, and to design systems with greater flexibility and control over what data is shared on which screen. This thinking can be extended further… An Android OS may be used for entertainment or navigation, while a proprietary system is used for the digital cluster. With Kanzi Connect, these two disparate systems can easily be connected, enabling the closed system to seamlessly integrate the Android services into its display.

UI-Independent Connectivity with HTML5 Support




To ensure broad compatibility, Kanzi Connect provides not only a C++ interface, but also a REST API for UIs written in HTML5 & Javascript.

Here we showcase seamless connectivity between an HTML5-based browser on a mobile device and an automotive UI. Using a hypothetical “My Car Profile” web portal, users can easily log into their profiles, set preferences, and deeply customize their driving experience.

With Kanzi Connect, automotive brands do not need to choose just one UI technology, but can use several to design an overall user experience. Being cross-platform, Kanzi Connect is suitable for any combination of technologies and operating systems, enabling highly customizable and dynamic UIs.

Smartphone Integration into the Automotive User Experience




Here we show how Kanzi Connect can seamlessly extend the automotive UI to incorporate functionality from a personal mobile device. In this case, we are using the speech recognition capability of a smartphone to interact with the digital cluster and IVI controls.

Personal devices, such as the latest smartphones, are capable of heavy processing and are inherently Internet-connected. These devices are highly personalized, and may offer more services and features than the automotive UI itself, especially in lower-tier cars. Kanzi Connect makes it possible for such devices to expose their capabilities across OS and device boundaries to an existing system – such as a digital cluster and IVI console – and integrate seamlessly into the user experience.

The Kanzi Connect SDK is available under a technology preview program to customers seeking early access and an opportunity to provide input into the direction of its development. To find out more, or to request access to the program, please visit www.rightware.com/kanzi-connect and fill out the request form.

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