Rightware at TU-Automotive Detroit 2018: Production Clusters, Workflow Demos, and New Plug-Ins

Ford Mustang cluster powered by Kanzi_1920x1080

TU-Automotive gave us the perfect opportunity to bring our 2018 flagship demonstrations to Detroit for the first time. We had the opportunity to showcase the new Ford Mustang digital instrument cluster developed with Kanzi, on loan from our partner Visteon. This 12” LCD factory upgrade option was very popular with our visitors, who witnessed the multiple layouts for the three drive modes—normal, sport, and track—and who really enjoyed the rendering of the smoking tire when in line lock, ready to race! The cluster received some media attention as well.

We were also pleased to see our customer Karma Automotive showing the Karma Revero high-end, luxury plug-in hybrid, which came to market last year. Both the fully digital instrument cluster and the high-resolution infotainment system on this stunning vehicle were developed with Kanzi. It was a joy to step inside this innovative and beautiful car!

Karma Revero UI powered by Kanzi_1920x1080

With our Kanzi workflow demonstration, initially unveiled in private meetings at CES 2018, we showed how designers can quickly develop, iterate, and deploy UIs to target hardware, and use the new Simulator feature of Kanzi Connect to test visualization with live data. We also showed new examples of realistic smoke, fire, and airflow graphics made with the Kanzi Particles plugin, requiring no coding. We also demonstrated how Kanzi Maps integrates map design into the primary UI workflow, allowing for complete control of the OEM visual brand identity regardless of the map provider on the back-end.


Rightware at TU Automotive Detroit 2018_1920x1080

This year’s TU Conference attracted more than 3,000 executives interested in hearing about the latest trends and technologies driving the future of connected and autonomous vehicle. We presented on “Maintaining Brand Identity in a Connected Car,” highlighting our vision that maps are likely to become a central element of the automotive user experience as levels of driver assistance and vehicle autonomy continue to increase. For drivers to have full confidence in a self-driving car, they will need to know what the car knows and what it intends to do. A natural way to visualize the car’s environmental awareness and its intent is in the physical context, underpinned by a map. For this reason, we have developed Kanzi Maps, which allows OEMs to build map-centered user experiences seamlessly across the digital cockpit while maintaining their own visual brand identity.

Kanzi Maps_1920x1080

As in previous years, we co-sponsored the Telematics and Tonics social event hosted by our friends at Blackberry/QNX. This mixer has become a longstanding tradition, giving attendees a chance to relax after an intense day at the conference, and giving locals who cannot attend the event a chance to network and talk shop with all the out-of-towners. Last year we raced Rightware black-and-green RC cars on the dance floor, and this year it was giant Jenga!

Finally, we again enjoyed raffling off some great giveaways.



This year, a few lucky winners took home Amazon Echo Show devices. Let’s see what we come up with to raffle off next year!

Rightware raffle at TU Automotive Detroit 2018_1920x1080

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