Rightware and GlobalLogic introduce Kanzi Learning Lab at West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, Poland

HELSINKI AND SZCZECIN, March 16, 2020 – Rightware, the leading provider in user interface (UI) design and development tools for the automotive industry, and GlobalLogic, a leader in digital product engineering, announce the launch of the first European Kanzi Learning Lab at the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, Poland.

In response to rapidly growing demand in the automotive industry for skilled professionals, Rightware works with qualified partners to integrate Kanzi HMI design and development software into automotive UX and engineering curricula at leading universities and higher education institutions. The Kanzi Learning Lab program aims to provide automakers and their suppliers with a growing talent pool for recruitment, while also enabling collaborative UX research projects between industry and academia.

Based on early success with several universities in China, Rightware is now expanding the Kanzi Learning Lab program into other regions with vibrant automotive development ecosystems, beginning with Europe. In Poland, the project is to be supported by GlobalLogic, a company with a solid market position and five engineering centers, including Szczecin.

“GlobalLogic is an ideal partner to host Kanzi Learning Labs in Poland, based on its extensive experience in automotive HMI technology and design and its broad market reach,” said Derek Sellin, Vice President of Marketing and head of the Kanzi Partner Program at Rightware.

GlobalLogic has broad experience in cooperating with universities. In this case it ensures that the Kanzi software is operational in the computer laboratories and provides comprehensive training and expertise, as required, in support of the West Pomeranian University of Technology.

“We are thoroughly delighted to support a project that creates such huge educational value for young Tech enthusiasts. We strongly believe that thanks to Kanzi Learning Labs they will gain valuable know-how, enabling them to become attractive candidates on the labor market,” said Piotr Krzysztofik, Vice President & Country Head, Poland & Croatia at GlobalLogic.

“Implementing the Kanzi environment into education is the next stage in the GlobalLogic AutomotiveLab development process. A general presentation of the possibilities that Kanzi Rightware enables and the first practical classes for Information Technology students are planned to take place during the next semester. Following these, classes on embedded systems will also commence. The goal is to integrate the standard functions implemented in an embedded environment with modern graphical interfaces. We also hope that the students will be interested in working on other projects, diploma theses based on the Kanzi environment, as well as utilizing the potential of the GlobalLogic AutomotiveLab to its fullest extent,” said dr hab. inż. Jerzy Pejaś, Dean of the Information Technology Faculty.

Kanzi Learning Labs offer qualified partners the opportunity to bring the market-leading Kanzi toolchain, used in commercial production programs by over 50 automotive brands, into their university partnerships. Rightware provides universities with educational licenses while the Kanzi Partners work directly with faculty on tailored course content and providing support and coaching for students.

For more information, please contact:

Karolina Busz | Head of Marketing, Poland & Croatia
+48 515 855 48

Derek Sellin
Vice President, Marketing, Rightware

About ZUT
The West Pomeranian University of Technology (ZUT) in Szczecin offers nearly 50 different fields of study in natural, technical and economic sciences. Apart from undergraduate and graduate studies, the university also offers post-graduate and doctoral courses. In addition, since many business entities participate in their creation, the university’s educational programs are well-adapted to the needs of today’s labor market.

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GlobalLogic is a leader in digital product engineering services. We help our clients design and build innovative products, platforms, and digital experiences for the modern world. By integrating strategic design, complex engineering, and vertical industry expertise — we help our clients imagine what’s possible, and accelerate their transition into tomorrow’s digital businesses.

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Rightware provides tools and services for development of advanced digital user interfaces to over 50 automotive brands. The Kanzi philosophy is based on designer empowerment, prioritizing ease of use, rapid prototyping, workflow efficiency, high performance, and cross-platform support. As a ThunderSoft company, our combined skills and assets allow us to deliver integrated HMI solutions, engineering support, and design services for automotive customers across the globe. Rightware is headquartered in Finland with a presence in the US, Germany, Italy, China, South Korea, and Japan.