Rightware is reshaping entry level instrument clusters with Kanzi Hybrid

Kanzi Hybrid  Scene 1
LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2019 – Rightware, the leading provider of automotive user interface software, introduces a new intelligent digital/analog hybrid instrument cluster software platform, Kanzi Hybrid 1.0. Based on the award-winning technology of Kanzi UI, this platform supports popular automotive-grade microcontroller-based platforms. With Kanzi Hybrid 1.0, dynamic 2D/2.5D graphics effects can be realized on entry-level hybrid cluster hardware. Drivers can enjoy high-quality human-computer interaction and a rich instrument panel which perfectly blends a modern digital display with traditional analog gauges.

Kanzi Hybrid Cluster

The introduction of Kanzi Hybrid extends the workflow and performance benefits of Kanzi UI to the growing segment of digital/analog instrument clusters. Developed in collaboration with ThunderSoft, Kanzi Hybrid leverages the Kanzi Lite runtime, optimized for constrained platforms with proprietary graphics, as well as the user-friendly Kanzi Studio UI design and development tool. Kanzi Hybrid thus helps automakers and Tier 1 suppliers make full use of available technology platforms while reducing the difficulty, development time, and overall cost of bringing a hybrid cluster to market.

Kanzi Hybrid  Scene 1

The Kanzi Hybrid intelligent software platform is a full solution for all entry-level instrument clusters, from firmware and business logic all the way to the user interface. Data from sensors and services is presented in configurable scenes visualizing not only speed, temperature, and energy, but also advanced ADAS information, in-vehicle infotainment, phone calls, vehicle control signals and warnings, status information, self-diagnosis information, and settings. Automotive OEM and Tier 1 design teams can utilize these direct connections between the UI and the hardware, eliminating the need for complex graphics optimization on new platforms.

Kanzi Hybrid Scene 2

A full reference implementation on a commercially available hybrid instrument cluster preserves the classical mechanical speedometer and tachometer with a unique mechanical/digital integration, while delivering advanced 2D/2.5D and even 3D graphics for visual effects to enable user experiences normally found with higher-end fully-digital instrument clusters. At launch, Kanzi Hybrid 1.0 supports the Renesas RH850/D1x MCU. Support for more industry-leading platforms will be introduced over time to provide greater choice for Tier1 and automobile manufacturers.

Kanzi Hybrid Scene 3

Rightware will be showcasing Kanzi Hybrid along with its other flagship demonstrations of Kanzi UI, Kanzi Connect, Kanzi Maps, and Kanzi Particles at CES in Las Vegas. 

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