Rendering Online Maps in Rich 3D with Kanzi UI

Kanzi Maps Demo

At IAA Cars 2017 in Frankfurt, we demonstrated rich navigation rendering with real-time map data from the HERE Open Location Platform, a snapshot into our collaboration with HERE announced at CES 2017. This demonstration highlights the extensibility of Kanzi via its plug-ins architecture, and provides a stunning example of the innovative user experiences which can be delivered when combing high-performance UI technology with real-time cloud-based services in a connected car.



Using Kanzi for UI development, our customers can easily customize how map data is visualized on any HMI in the car, be it the instrument cluster, an IVI console, or a HUD. Watch our demonstration from the show floor to see real-time adjustments of the navigation application: smoothly zooming from 2D to rendering online maps in rich 3D; altering lighting effects, the level of detail, and building transparency; and even changing the height of buildings on the fly. As this demonstration shows, imagination really is the only limit when developing with Kanzi UI!

Learn more about Kanzi here. To request a trial license for Kanzi, please visit

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