How the Kanzi Workflow Accelerates UI and HMI Development

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Around a year ago, a car manufacturer came to us looking for a new solution to accelerate their HMI development. They showed us one of their IVI user interfaces created in-house. It looked great, but the problem was that 60 people had worked on it for three years. As part of the consulting process, we assigned a technical designer and a software engineer to recreate the exact same IVI from scratch. Within two months, we were already halfway to delivering the final product. Much to their astonishment, we told them about one customer, Karma, who brought the Revero to market with a completely new cluster and IVI. Both HMIs were developed with Kanzi by a handful of people in mere months.

Using Kanzi for HMI development means adopting a modern, agile workflow. In the traditional model, designers depend fully on engineers for implementation, resulting in a slow, iterative development process. Kanzi, on the other hand, allows designers to implement UI designs quickly and without any coding. Designers have full control over the end result, with visual tools enabling rapid prototyping and a seamless transition to production.

Kanzi workflow for HMI development

Our Kanzi UI solution consists of a visual drag-and-drop editor, Kanzi Studio, and a high-performance graphics engine, Kanzi Runtime. Kanzi Studio exports binary files which execute directly in Kanzi Runtime, which runs on any major automotive target hardware and operating system. Visual changes do not affect the application layer. This non-destructive Kanzi workflow decouples design from engineering, enabling designers and engineers to collaborate, yet work independently, significantly reducing UI development time and cost. These benefits are enjoyed by over 35 car brands who have trusted in Kanzi since 2012.

Seeing is believing. At IAA Cars 2017 in Frankfurt, we demonstrated some of the benefits of Kanzi Studio. Watch the video below to see how Kanzi enables designers to make changes on the fly, see the result in real-time, and deploy on target hardware within seconds.



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