Kanzi Particles Demonstration


Kanzi Particles is a Kanzi Studio plug-in to simplify the creation of visual effects. The particle system unites a number of individual particles to be presented as objects or visual effects. The plug-in allows one to define the appearance of particles, their speed, their direction of movement, their point of origin, how they appear, and their overall lifetime.



Most commonly, particles are used for explosions, dust, smoke, fireworks, clouds, etc. However, we can also use particles in more imaginative use cases. For example, we can replace solid shading with particles at each vertex, allowing us to morph 3D objects by defining the paths of particles between two objects. Additionally, we can bring life to user interfaces by using particles in the background, defining their appearance over time and their movement.

Kanzi Particles eliminates the need to code complex shaders, making it virtually effortless to create beautiful visual effects.

Learn more about Kanzi features. To request a trial license for Kanzi, please visit www.rightware.com/kanzi/trial/.

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