Kanzi Maps Recognized with Two Awards at Car HMi UX Redefined, Berlin

Rightware at Car HMi 2018

The Car HMi UX Redefined conferences in Detroit and Berlin have proven to be excellent forums for networking with customers and partners, and for learning from thought leaders across the automotive industry. This year, Rightware participated in both events, delivering a presentation on “Maintaining OEM Brand Identity in a Connected Car” and supporting this with live demonstrations of a tool to harmonize visual appearance across the HMI, specifically those including mapping applications.

We were honored to receive two awards for Kanzi Maps. The “Community Choice” award represented the most compelling entry across all award categories as chosen by conference attendees. Kanzi Maps also earned runner-up in the judged category of “Most Innovative Development Process.”

Maps will increasingly become a central element of the automotive UX across all displays. As cars gain more ADAS features and as autonomous driving levels increase over time, user expectations for the automotive UI will continue to grow. Trust in a self-driving car will require clear communication of what the car knows (its awareness), as well as the decisions it is making (its intent). A very natural context in which to present this information is the physical environment, which is underpinned by a map.

Kanzi Maps

In today’s mainstream automotive HMI development processes, design of maps and navigation applications happens independently of the main automotive UI. It’s no wonder that maps and navigation integrate so poorly across all the displays in the car. It is also no surprise that the visual appearance of maps is usually not well aligned with the overall automotive brand identity.

Kanzi Maps is a plugin for the Kanzi UI design tool used by leading automotive manufacturers around the world, integrating mapping directly into the primary UI workflow and rendering maps with the same graphics engine as the rest of the UI. Maps become simply one more element for the automotive UI designer to visualize, rather than a stand-alone application from a third-party. We have been working with several mapping partners including HERE and Mapbox to ensure compatibility with mapping services that offer APIs to their backends. Conceptually, maps become simply one more element for the automotive UI designer to visualize, rather than a stand-alone application from a third-party.

Kanzi Maps

Kanzi Maps puts the automotive OEM first, aligning the look and feel of maps with the OEM’s visual brand identity regardless of the map back-end provider. The result is brand consistency across all models of a car, even across different geographical territories, as well as accelerated HMI development.

Click through for a video with highlights of the fun evening award gala!

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