Kanzi Maps Demonstration

Kanzi maps sceenshot

Kanzi Maps is a Kanzi plug-in enabling easy integration of map data from a variety of providers into Kanzi Studio for rapid visualization in rich 3D. The result is accelerated development while introducing a unique appearance, true to the OEM’s brand identity. Here we show complete customization of the rendering and presentation of our maps to fit in, and interact with, the rest of the UI. Kanzi Maps is agnostic of the map service, meaning it can work with any map provider through the APIs. In this example we are using Mapbox maps.




In this demonstration, we have implemented multiple map designs utilizing the plug-in. We can easily toggle between the different map themes just by tapping a button. First, we look at a traditional theme in the context of navigation. As all the rendering is done in real time, it’s very efficient to change the map rendering design.

Next, we introduce a darker, shaded theme utilizing shadows rendered in real time based on the location of the light source in the scene. We can toggle between 2D and 3D maps, and we can easily zoom in and out. We have implemented full routing capabilities, so we can select start and end points for our route and start navigating with rich visualization. We also show how easy it is to integrate maps straight into the automotive user interface, as both are implemented in the same toolchain.

Kanzi Maps brings map design into the same Kanzi UI workflow, streamlining the design and development processes and further enabling the creation of truly customized and adaptive automotive user interfaces, to align with the needs of the next generation of connected cars.

Learn more about Kanzi. To request more information about Kanzi Maps, please contact us.

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