How to Create a Digital Dashboard with Kanzi

digital dashboard

Ever wondered how companies like Audi create their custom digital dashboards for cars, like the Virtual Cockpit? Take a look at our video tutorial below and learn how virtual dashboards are made with Kanzi. 

What is a digital dashboard?

A digital dashboard consists of automobile instrumentation displayed digitally. For example, instead of the analog speedometer on a traditional dashboard it is now in a digital format. A digital car dashboard includes digital infotainment systems along with other digital screens. Cars with digital dashboards provide a unique and modern user experience. 

Creating digital dashboards for cars

In this video we will provide you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a digital cluster with Kanzi.

The complete documented tutorial, along with all graphical assets used, is included with our product. This tutorial teaches you how to create digital gauges with custom properties, needles and turn indicators. In another tutorial video we will cover the connection with the data in the car, it's easy to do with our engine API. 


Kanzi is the leading User Interface solution for the automotive and other embedded applications. Kanzi allows automotive designers to rapidly create stunning user interfaces that run on embedded hardware. Engineers can easily integrate the user interface with the data flow inside the car. 

Rightware Kanzi is used by automotive leaders such as Audi and Visteon. It is already powering more than 10 different Audi models. Kanzi provides car manufacturers, Tier 1 companies and design studios with an efficient and agile approach for creating UIs for digital instrument clusters, infotainment systems, HUDs and more.

The digitalization of car dashboards is changing the automotive industry.  Want to find out more about Kanzi? Contact an expert at Rightware today.

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