Embedded World, Nuremberg, February 26-28, 2019

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 Visit Rightware at booth #4A-300

Showcasing the latest HMI advancements with Kanzi UI and Kanzi Connect.

  • Kanzi for Android demonstrates how Kanzi UI complements Android Automotive with advanced visuals and animations, and how Kanzi Connect enables services and app data from the embedded Android operating system to be shared across all vehicle displays.
  • Kanzi Maps is a map renderer for Kanzi UI, allowing full customization of visualization and interaction for any map data. This latest demonstration highlights new features including terrain rendering and road/route elevation.
  • A sampling of visual effects made with Kanzi UI, including post-processing, physically-based rendering, shader effects, photo-realistic materials, and new use-cases for Kanzi Particles.
  • Multiple solutions for Kanzi on cost-optimized platforms: Kanzi Lite on Cypress Traveo; Kanzi Hybrid, a turnkey solution built by ThunderSoft around Kanzi Lite on Renesas RH850 D1X; a 3D Kanzi implementation on STMicroelectronics' Accordo 5; and a dual-rendering solution combining Kanzi for 3D and Kanzi Lite for 2D on Renesas R-Car D3.

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We invite you to meet our HMI experts to explore how Kanzi can help you develop a next-gen user experience with custom, branded user interfaces, advanced connectivity tools, and functional safety powered by the Kanzi product family. Drop by at any time, or to schedule a meeting in advance, please contact us, mentioning "Meeting at Embedded World" in the message.