Automotive Tech Week Megatrends

Rightware's Vice President of Marketing & Ecosystem, Derek Sellin, will be presenting "Driving UX Differentiation with Android Automotive", on Wednesday, January 27, at 12:20pm EST.

As Android expands its reach as an IVI platform, OEMs face the challenge of maintaining their unique brand identity and offering an excellent user experience. Android offers a vast developer ecosystem and a solid technology foundation which Rightware complements with its advanced family of Kanzi UI tools and services. In the presentation, Derek will discuss UI trends and dive into future-looking use cases driving the need for a well-defined workflow, advanced visualization with high-end graphics, and integrated data connectivity across operating systems within the digital cockpit.

The Automotive Tech Week agenda is filled with great speakers. Register for the event and visit our virtual booth to download videos and case studies on how our customers worked with Kanzi on the new Cadillac Escalade and the Karma Revero GTS.

Post-event update: watch Derek's conference presentation below.

Automotive Tech Week Megatrends Stream 1 - 27th Jan.mp4