Rightware Releases Kanzi Performance Analyzer


Independent Performance Analysis Toolkit for Automotive Platforms



By using Kanzi® Performance Analyzer car manufacturers and Tier 1s are able to objectively measure, analyze and compare the performance of automotive platforms.

  • Run tests based on realistic Human-Machine Interface (HMI) use cases
  • Receive insightful reports and analytics
  • Measure and improve your HMI design before going to production
  • Make the right platform choice for your next automotive project.

Kanzi Performance Analyzer can be run on all leading automotive hardware and software platforms, for a true apples-to-apples comparison of capabilities. Examples of supported platforms:

  • SW: QNX Neutrino, Green Hills Software INTEGRITY, Linux variants, Windows, Android
  • HW:Renesas R-Car family, NXP i.MX 6 family, Texas Instruments Jacinto 6 family, Nvidia Jetson TX1 and TK1, Intel automotive SoCs

Kanzi Performance Analyzer is now available for licensing. Contact us for a demo