Rightware releases Kanzi 3.5


Rightware has released Kanzi® 3.5, a feature release of its leading UI design and development tool for automotive and other embedded markets. Kanzi is a market-proven solution, deployed in vehicles since 2012. With over 35 auto brands in development or in production, Kanzi is on track to power 20 million cars by 2022. This latest release includes major new capabilities to drive even greater efficiency into UI design workflow, including:

  • Integrated UI theming
  • Dynamic templates
  • Fine-grained animation control
  • 64-bit Kanzi Studio
  • Numerous usability enhancements 


Themes enable the use of a single Kanzi Studio project for multiple variants of a product. In automotive use, one project can now include different car models, such as gasoline and hybrid, as well as different driver-selectable display themes. Themes allow, for example, UI variants for all cars based on one automotive platform to use a single set of resources (icons, colors, etc.). Not only does this structure simplify project management, but asset reuse ensures brand consistency across a product line. Additionally, with a single set of resources, final executable files are more compact, resulting in higher performance.

Dynamic Templates

Further UX flexibility and performance gains are delivered with the new Prefab View feature, which enables applications, even the UI itself, to remain active while other UI elements are loaded or changed. Typically, changing a layout or launching new applications requires reloading the entire UI. Now, for example, a navigation application can keep running while the driver changes the theme of the UI.

Animation Control

Kanzi 3.5 introduces fine-grained controls over animations in the UI. With strict control over keyframe animations, property-driven animations, and the newly added interpolation of property values, UI motion is now extra smooth.

64-bit Kanzi Studio

Kanzi Studio, the Windows™-based designer tool, is now a full 64-bit application, accessing all the RAM in 64-bit PC architectures. This enables even larger projects and improved Kanzi Studio performance.

Other Improvements

Kanzi 3.5 introduces many more new and improved features to enhance usability. For example, Dictionaries window replaces Context Resources windows, simplifying resource management within projects. Also, usability of State Tools has been enhanced with a cleaner layout, the ability to edit complex property types without leaving the tool, and simpler ways of working with transitions. Full release notes are available at www.rightware.com/kanzi-releases/.

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Licensed customers can submit a ticket via support portal to receive the new version.

Rightware® is the leader in advanced user interface technology, serving automotive and other embedded markets with its Kanzi® software for rapid user interface design and deployment. Our passion is to unleash creativity to enable fantastic user experiences. As a Thundersoft® Company, Rightware is backed by a world leading smart device operating system and platform technology provider. A wholly owned subsidiary of Thunder Software Technology Ltd. Co., Rightware is headquartered in Finland and has a presence in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, China, South Korea, and Japan