Rightware Announces Kanzi Partner Program

Kanzi HMI ecosystem gaining momentum

At the TU-Automotive Detroit 2015 conference, Rightware has announced the Kanzi Partner Program, a global ecosystem of companies working together to develop and define the future of digital HMIs by utilizing Rightware’s Kanzi® UI Solution.

Kanzi Partner Program (KPP) facilitates an organized HMI ecosystem behind Rightware’s Kanzi UI Solution software.  The goal of the program is to provide customers and partners with resources and a knowledge base for creating real-time rendered digital automotive HMIs with Kanzi. KPP is the forum for world leading companies such as Tier 1s, SoCs, OS providers, software consulting and graphics design companies that are creating automotive HMIs of the future.

“We have recently exceeded 20 million Kanzi® powered cars in our consolidated production forecasts. Due to this overwhelming demand for Kanzi technology we are establishing the Kanzi Partner Program (KPP) as the forum for connecting leading companies in the automotive HMI ecosystem. Our OEM and Tier 1 customers are continuously looking for skilled Kanzi experts and new technologies that can enable stunning user experiences in next generation automotive HMIs, including clusters, IVIs and HUDs. KPP is the answer for bridging the gap between supply and demand” said Ville Ilves, President of Rightware Inc.

Participating in KPP is free of charge for all participating organizations and any necessary legal framework is being kept as simple as possible. 10+ companies in the automotive industry have already joined the program. Rightware is now inviting new members to join the program. More information, please visit http://www.rightware.com/kpp/

Rightware is exhibiting at TU-Automotive in Detroit, MI on June 3-4 2015. Visit Rightware's booth #C115 to discuss the KPP in detail.


For more information:

Ville Ilves, President, Rightware Inc.

Phone: +1 408 502 1017, email: ville.ilves(at)rightware.com


Ying Xiong, Marketing Manager (Program Coordinator)

Phone: +358 44 0915 076, email: ying.xiong(at)rightware.com