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Workflow Demonstration with Kanzi Studio and Kanzi Connect

This end-to-end demonstration showcases the use of Kanzi Connect as both a development tool and a means to integrate multiple devices into a seamless user experience. We walk through the drag-and-drop ease with which an automotive UI can be modified and updated with Kanzi Studio, and we show how Kanzi Connect integrates data across the instrument cluster and IVI system. Finally, we... Read More

Kanzi Maps Demonstration

Kanzi Maps is a Kanzi plug-in enabling easy integration of map data from a variety of providers into Kanzi Studio for rapid visualization in rich 3D. The result is accelerated development while introducing a unique appearance, true to the OEM’s brand identity. Here we show complete customization of the rendering and presentation of our maps to fit in, and interact with, the rest of the... Read More

Rightware Hack Day 2018

By Tiia Kuokka, Resourcing & Development Manager.    A few weeks ago, we arranged the very first internal hack event at Rightware headquarters. The goal was to have a day filled with innovation, collaboration, and fun with colleagues. All employees were invited to participate, whether or not they had any hands-on experience with our products. The challenge was to create in one working... Read More


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Workflow Demonstration with Kanzi Studio and Kanzi Connect

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