• April 22, 2020
  • ux

4 interaction design portfolios from leading UX designers across the world

No matter how complex the project or how the team is set up, it’s always useful to have inspiration from other types of designers and different members of a team. In a 3D environment, successful UI development teams consist of UX designers, visual designers, technical artists (also known as technical designers) and software engineers who collaborate together to make the most of each of... Read More

How is real-time 3D rendering accelerating the innovation of digital cockpits?

Automotive dashboard development has come a long way in recent years. Since the 1990s, we’ve moved from simple Driver Information Centers, to In-Vehicle Infotainment systems, to connected cockpits that integrate with multiple technologies simultaneously. Read More

What is Lean UX and how does it apply to the automotive industry?

Lean UX is seriously disrupting approaches to design and revolutionizing the ways design and development teams work together. But, what is it? Read More

What can the automotive world learn from the gaming industry about 3D graphics?

The videogame industry has taken plenty of inspiration from the world of cars, giving players the chance to get behind the wheel as early as 1974 with Atari’s ‘Gran Trak 10’. The trend has held strong. Over the past 45 years, driving games have remained one of the most popular genres in gaming. Read More