Who We Are

We are the design-driven team behind Kanzi, the advanced HMI toolchain used by automakers around the globe to develop modern user experiences and build brand identity in the digital cockpit. Our mission is to deliver technology and services empowering highly efficient teams to be creative with no limits.

We are uniquely positioned to help automotive OEMs create the best possible user experiences due to our rich heritage in gaming, graphics benchmarking, and mobile app and UI development, as well as our dedicated focus on the needs of the automotive industry.

About Us

Kanzi UI

Kanzi UI is a cross-platform HMI tool combining high-end 3D graphics with the features and long-term support expected of an automotive-grade UI framework for digital instrument clusters, infotainment systems, HUDs, mobile devices, and more. With Kanzi UI, automakers have complete control over the user experience and visual brand identity, from prototype all the way to series production.


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Kanzi Connect

Kanzi Connect is an all-in-one connectivity tool for sharing content and services across the cockpit, enabling a seamless multi-screen user experience regardless of the underlying system architecture. Kanzi Connect allows HMI developers to create a platform by integrating services just once for use in all systems in the cockpit and even for reuse across car variants and future HMI projects.


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Automotive Leaders Choose Rightware

Kanzi software and Kanzi Services are used by over 50 Automotive OEMs for the design and development of their HMIs, including digital instrument clusters and infotainment systems. Audi’s award-winning Virtual Cockpit is powered by Kanzi UI.


Kanzi Audi@2x

The Kanzi Ecosystem is Global

Kanzi is more than software — it is a global ecosystem of automotive leaders developing UIs with Kanzi. HMI expertise is available from the many qualified companies in the Kanzi Partner Program, as well as from Rightware's own Kanzi Services team, where world-class design and advanced technology meet.

Partner Program