March 03, 2016

Rightware Releases Kanzi 3.3

Rightware has released Kanzi 3.3, a significant update of its innovative User Interface design and creation software for the automotive and other embedded applications.

HOT: Learn more about Data Sources in our archived webinar


The new release contains feature improvements, fixes and innovative new features.


Kanzi 3.3 – What’s New

New Features

  • Data SourcesStreamlining the HMI development workflow by enabling developers to create data source plugins for designers to use in Kanzi Studio. Read More in the Blog
  • MultisamplingImprove graphical fidelity by enabling MSAA (Multisample Anti-Aliasing) for any element in your user interface

Feature Improvements

  • Performance improvements including:
    • Optimized application loading time
    • Optimized memory allocation strategy in the message subsystem.
    • Optimized the layout performance of Text Block nodes.
  • Support for memory mapped loading for reducing the loading time of your Kanzi application
  • Custom actions and triggers can now be defined in Kanzi Engine plugins and used in Kanzi Studio projects.
  • Performance HUD now displays the render time for each frame, helping you recognize potential bottlenecks in your design
  • Render passes can be set to render to a specific mipmap level, enabling you to get different mipmap levels from different render passes by using just one texture. This enables the fast and easy creation of post-processing effects such as bloom
  • Support for binary shaders
  • Support for floating licenses

Also included…

  • Many new tutorials and best practice guides
  • Various bug fixes

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