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Rightware and Desay SV Automotive Secure Production Contract with Japanese OEM

State-of-the-art Infotainment System Created With Rightware Kanzi


Helsinki, Finland – November 17, 2015

Rightware, the leading provider of user interface software for the automotive industry and Desay SV Automotive, a leader of China’s automotive electronics announced today that Desay SV Automotive’s G5 infotainment platform is now entering series production.


Rightware and Desay SV Automotive have worked together in partnership since 2012 in automotive cockpit development. In the partnership, Rightware’s Kanzi Human-Machine Interface software is being widely utilized by Desay SV Automotive for creating modern and advanced user interfaces for automotive cockpit products, including the new Desay SV Automotive G5 infotainment system platform.

This co-operation in the development and utilization of Rightware Kanzi in G5 UI creation has now led to the commercial adoption of the G5 platform into series production by a major Japanese automotive OEM.

“Rightware Kanzi is an excellent tool for us and it plays an important role in shortening our time to market. We are very happy to be a strategic partner of Rightware. We are already working on several new projects for leading OEMs using Rightware Kanzi,” said Mr. Duan, Senior VP, Desay SV Automotive.

“We are very excited to see the great results that Desay SV Automotive’s innovative use of Kanzi in G5 development has enabled. The G5 is a stunning example what great design combined with modern UI technology can achieve for international OEMs,” said Olli Laiho, Director Product Marketing at Rightware.

About Rightware

Rightware® is the market leader in advanced user interface technology, serving the automotive and other embedded industries with its Kanzi® solution for rapid user interface design and deployment. Rightware is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland with presence in Silicon Valley, Detroit, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, London and Munich. Learn more at:

About Desay SV Automotive

In the past 30 years, Desay SV has fully committed itself to the research, development, and manufacturing of in-vehicle infotainment system, climate control, driver information display, display system, body control module and driver assistance system and has built strong partnership with many well-known vehicle manufacturers worldwide. Website:


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