Kanzi® Workflow

How Kanzi Works

Kanzi provides an agile UI development workflow that allows designers and engineers to work independently and in parallel. Designers create the user interface using the Kanzi Studio real-time editor without writing code. Engineers use the Kanzi API and plug-ins to work with logic and data programming in parallel with designers. It all comes together in the Kanzi Runtime, which runs the UI on the target platform.

Kanzi Users

Visual Designer

  • Defines visual style
  • Creates prototypes
  • Defines animations and transitions
  • Polishes the design
  • Controls the look and feel

Technical Designer

  • Implements visual states
  • Defines interaction
  • Connects Data to UI
  • Customizes rendering
  • Creates effects
  • Scripting

Software Engineer

  • Implements business logic
  • Integrates platform and external services
  • Creates plug-ins
  • Develops application code
  • Optimizes performance

HMI Project Development

Kanzi accelerates UI development by providing an agile and non-destructive workflow where designers and engineers can continuously make changes without endangering each others’ work. The UI is always available for testing and prototyping, without having to wait for building and compiling.

All deliverables (including UI designs, UI components, application code and plug-ins) can be seamlessly reused to save time when starting a new project.


The Kanzi Way

Non-destructive workflow for HMI design, engineering, testing and fast iteration. Seamless transition from prototyping to production. Designers can make changes and see the result at any stage of the process.

Traditional Way

Designer creates the UI mockup -> engineer implements the UI -> designer verifies the design -> engineer to redo the work if designer is not happy about the result or any visual design change is needed -> the same process repeats for each iteration. Any small change or error fix disrupts the whole process.

Kanzi Architecture

Kanzi is platform agnostic and integrates seamlessly with your target platform. After the Kanzi Runtime has been installed, a binary (KZB file) is deployed from Kanzi Studio which the Runtime renders a UI. Kanzi communicates with external data sources using the API and Plug-ins.

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