Kanzi® Key Features

Bring your UI vision to life

Kanzi comes out-of-the-box with world-class and easy-to-use features to empower you for fast and efficient UI development, from UI creation, UI logic, rendering and visualization, to integration and deployment.

UI creation with UI design tools

Kanzi provides designers with UI design tools for transforming their design vision into beautiful, responsive UIs that run on embedded hardware.

Real-Time UI Editor

Create and iterate your UI design with the visual tools provided in Kanzi Studio. See the effects of changes in real-time. Use the live preview to visualize and interact with your UI design.

Scene Management

Use the Scene Graph in Kanzi Studio to create and manage the content in your UI design. Create functional UI elements with a few mouse clicks. Restructure your design while retaining the UI logic. Seamlessly mix 2D and 3D content.

Input Methods

Kanzi supports a variety of input methods including keyboard, mouse, touch controls, software keyboards and touch gestures. Integrate the UI with any custom input method e.g. voice and gesture controls.

2D and 3D File Format Support

Create great-looking UIs easily by importing content created in leading design tools, including images, fonts and Photoshop files with layers. Kanzi has extensive support for 3D files with the ability to import models along with animations, lights and textures.

Animations and Transitions

Animate your UI with a variety of built-animations and easing curves. Use the Transition Editor to configure animations for State and Page transitions. Import animations created in industry standard tools or create your own custom animations with the built-in Animation Editor.


Streamline your UI design process with Pages. Structure your design into Pages and define the UI flow with the Page Editor. Get a high-level overview of your design that helps to understand the relation and hierarchy between screens. Configure animations for Page transitions.


UI Components and Layouts

Create your own UI controls with the building blocks provided by Kanzi. Select from a library of ready-to-use 2D and 3D UI components as well as layouts to rapidly create working UIs. Kanzi supports the creation of responsive UIs that scale according to display size and resolution.

Localization and Internationalization

Design UIs that can be customized for multiple languages and locales. Use localization tables to collaborate with language specialists and import the results into Kanzi Studio. Switch UI texts, layouts and graphics dynamically according to the locale and use advanced features like bi-directional text layouts and text shaping.

UI logic

Kanzi gives designers the ability to implement UI logic and UI flow in real-time using graphical tools.

Visual State Manager

Use Visual State Managers for defining the look and behaviour of UI elements. Use the State Transition Editor for configuring transition animations. Connect States with UI interaction and logic.

Data Bindings

Connect data with UI elements using visual tools in Kanzi Studio. Use the bindings system to control the look and behaviour of UI elements based on other UI elements or on external events. Use expressions for manipulating data and applying additional logic.


Extend the functionality of your UI in Kanzi Studio with scripting. Create simulations and automate simple tasks.

Triggers & Actions

Use Events, Triggers and Actions to implement UI logic. Set up Triggers that listen to Events that occur in any part of the project. Trigger Actions in your UI based on Events.

Rendering & Visualization

Kanzi comes with an industry-standard graphics rendering engine that renders your UI with great performance and high fidelity.


Industry-Grade Graphics Engine

Leverage a state-of-the art graphics engine that renders everything from flat designs to photorealistic graphics in real-time. Containing all the features of an industry standard graphics engine and proven to work in demanding automotive applications, Kanzi’s graphics engine eliminates the need for writing and maintaining your own graphics rendering code.

Materials & Shaders

Use Materials for adding a hyper-realistic look to 3D objects and for simulating realistic surfaces such as paint, rubber, metal, glass and chrome. Leverage the Materials included in Kanzi or create your own. Utilize advanced features such as physically based dynamic shading. Change the properties of materials and see the effect in real-time.

Application Development and Integration

Kanzi is based on a Model-view-viewmodel architecture and provides developers with powerful tools with which to integrate the UI to data sources.


Integrate data and application logic into the UI by using a robust C++ API that provides programmatic access to every feature in Kanzi. Control the UI with low-level access to graphical rendering. Extend built-in functionality by writing plug-ins.

Data Sources

Integrate external data with the UI through plug-ins. Developers can create Data Source plug-ins that reveal data and events from any data source. Designers can import the Data Source plug-ins to Kanzi Studio and assign data and events to UI controls. Switch between data sources without having to change the design.

Deployment & Runtime

Deploy and run Kanzi User Interfaces on any platform. Update the UI design on the target device in seconds without compiling code.


Run the same Kanzi application on any software and hardware platform. Kanzi is highly portable, with an abstraction for the underlying platform that makes the Kanzi Runtime platform agnostic. Application UI code written with the Kanzi API is completely cross-platform compatible.

Export to Target

Deploy your UI to a target device with a single click in Kanzi Studio. Generate and deploy native Android and Windows applications out-of-the-box.

UI Declaration Binary

Deploy your UI to the target without compiling code. Simply export a binary file from Kanzi Studio to your target device in seconds.

Support for Graphics Hardware

Create UIs that run on a variety of platforms – from high-end System-on-a-Chips with OpenGL ES 2.0 and 3.0 support to moderately priced microcontrollers with proprietary graphics accelerators (with the Kanzi Lite extension)

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