The Kanzi Experience at CES 2018

Connected User Experience powered by Kanzi and Kanzi Connect

New products, use cases, and partnerships to be showcased at CES

Major automotive megatrends include connectivity, autonomous driving, and artificial intelligence. Sitting at the center of all the technology and service advancements is the driver. Rightware provides tools and services to enable rapid integration of any data and any service onto any device for a rich and seamless connected user experience.

Kanzi UI

We continue to upgrade the Kanzi toolchain based on the needs of our customers, with recent releases integrating UI theming and adding multi-project support to simplify development across large teams. New plug-ins are commercially available, including Kanzi Safety for ISO 26262 certification.

Kanzi Connect

Kanzi Connect is a next-generation connectivity platform enabling integration of any data and any services, from local or cloud sources, onto any device built into or brought into the car, while maintaining high performance and OEM branding. Our Technology Preview Program continues into early 2018.

Kanzi ecosystem

Kanzi expertise is available to help realize your UI visions and deliver your HMI projects, from our 40 partners in the growing Kanzi Partner Program, as well as from Rightware’s own Kanzi Design Services.

Rightware demonstrations

In our executive suite, we will demonstrate the latest developments with Kanzi, the advanced technology trusted by over 35 automotive brands.

  • A live demonstration showcasing how to accelerate development of connected HMIs with Kanzi UI and Kanzi Connect, together with simulated data and services
  • Demonstrations highlighting how to use the latest Kanzi extensions for HMI development: Kanzi Maps and Kanzi Particles
  • A walkthrough using Kanzi Safety to build instrument clusters compliant with ISO 26262 functional safety requirements
  • A concept demonstrator of a voice-controlled UI, utilizing Kanzi Connect to integrate cloud-based services including IBM Watson
  • Selected demonstrations from Kanzi Partners showcasing innovative HMIs built with Kanzi

Kanzi Simulator

This end-to-end demonstration showcases the use of Kanzi Connect as both a development tool and a means to integrate multiple devices into a seamless user experience. We walk through the drag-and-drop ease with which an instrument cluster UI can be modified and updated with Kanzi Studio, and show how Kanzi Connect integrates data across the cluster and IVI system. Finally, we demonstrate the benefits to the UI designer of Kanzi Connect as a data simulation tool during the development process.

Kanzi Safety

This Kanzi plug-in provides an independent ISO 26262 ASIL A and ASIL B certifiable 2D graphics pipeline to ensure that safety-critical UI elements are loaded and displayed correctly, and that they remain up and running even if the rich 3D stack fails. We demonstrate how the both 2D & 3D pipelines are integrated into one Kanzi Studio workflow, and also how the system responds on target hardware when the Kanzi Safety middleware detects faulty rendering.

Kanzi Maps

Kanzi Maps is a Kanzi Studio plug-in enabling easy integration of map data from a variety of providers, and rapid visualization in rich 3D. The result is accelerated development while introducing a unique appearance, true to the OEM brand identity.

Kanzi Particles

Kanzi Particles plug-in gives designers the ability to implement beautiful transitions and create fluid simulations, effects, and visuals. Designers can quickly achieve an endless variety of effects and can easily modify them to see unique results without resorting to coding complex shaders. The result of the high-performance real-time rendering is visually stunning.

Intelligent UI

Our Intelligent UI concept uses Kanzi Connect to integrate IBM Watson via a smartphone into an automotive in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system. This combination of connectivity and AI can lead to natural, interactive dialog with the car, allowing drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road. This application of Kanzi Connect brings modern cloud-based services and functions into traditionally embedded environments.

Multi-Display with Theming

Kanzi Connect can integrate the user interfaces of multiple devices, regardless of hardware platform or OS, into a single, extended, logical UI. In this demonstration, we show a home screen spanning multiple devices, with widgets that can be moved seamlessly across screens, dynamically adopting the visual theme of the local device.

Kanzi partner demonstrations

In the Rightware suite, we will also be presenting Kanzi-powered demos created by our partners including e-Planet, Green Hills Software, Mapbox, Open Synergy, QNX Software Systems, Siili Solutions, Skyships, Tata Elxsi, Texas Instruments, and Visteon. All the demos are running on automotive target hardware or on Android tablets.

Ford Mustang Digital Reconfigurable Instrument Cluster

Visteon, a technology leader in cockpit electronic, is launching its latest digital reconfigurable instrument cluster on the Ford Mustang mid-cycle refresh, released in global markets earlier this year.  Representing Ford’s first all-digital instrument cluster, Visteon’s solution offers the driver a fully reconfigurable experience that can be customized to their personal preferences in a high-resolution layout with high-level graphics execution.

Skyships Infotainment

Skyships G5 controller running Kanzi integrates a full infotainment feature set including multi-screen capability, embedded navigation, media, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and connected vehicle services via an embedded 4G modem.

eAlien – high-performance virtual cluster by e-Planet

eAlien is a Kanzi-powered high-performance virtual cluster demo running on economic hardware, NXP i.MX6 Quad, with a customized embedded Linux OS. The demo has good performance with 1920X720 resolution and stable FPS (30-60 FPS in different scenes), and abundant advanced features such as high-performance startup animation, fast startup time (<2.5s), particle effects, ADAS animation, real-time rendering energy curve, 3D car model, 3D map rendering, etc.

Autonomous Driving cockpit by Siili Solutions

Autonomous Driving cockpit demo features a cockpit view of a car that transitions seamlessly from guided manual driving mode to autonomous driving mode. Siili digital artisans have utilized the Kanzi UI Solution to build this demo of the next-generation dashboard.

Quartz by Tata Elxsi

Design of the cluster is based on the theme “Quartz” which express the keywords such as “Sharp, Clear, Energy, Strength. The cluster design takes quartz as a metaphor for the selection of color & form and micro-interactions. Transitions and animations are highly detailed and seamless, to fit within the theme and also express the depth. The cluster showcases Vehicle Status, Navigation, Phone Call, and Media.

BlackBerry QNX Rightware Instrument Cluster

Digital instrument cluster with ISO 26262 ASIL B certified graphics running on the NXP i.MX6 platform. The operating system is QNX SDP 6.5 SP1.

Mapbox GL on Rightware Kanzi

Mapbox GL is a multi-platform, OpenGL-backed map rendering engine designed to display beautiful and interactive maps. It is now possible to display Mapbox maps on Rightware Kanzi via Mapbox GL. This demo provides a navigation use case in New York, with 3D buildings, real-time traffic information, and tilted map view with car navigation settings in mind.

Cockpit Controller with special consideration for safety by OpenSynergy

Rightware’s Poseidon instrument cluster powered by Kanzi and a navigation application for the head unit are integrated each in a Linux virtual machine running on OpenSynergy’s COQOS Hypervisor. The Cockpit Controller combines mixed criticality functions (safety and non-safety relevant) within a single system.

Digital Cluster by Texas Instruments

Digital instrument cluster powered by Kanzi running on TI’s Jacinto Automotive Processors.

VIP Social Event


Rightware is hosting an exclusive happy hour at CES 2018, featuring a fireside chat with industry visionaries on the future of the automotive Connected User Experience.

The event is arranged by the Kanzi Partner Program. Sponsoring partners will be show their Kanzi-powered HMI demonstrations.

This is an opportunity for industry leaders to network, learn, and have some fun after a long day at CES!

Invitation required.

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