Welcome to our Rightware Jobs page! We’re glad you’ve stopped by. Please see some of our open positions below. We also welcome you to send your CV and portfolio to us at at any time, even if we do not have a particular job posted. Keep in mind, we don’t have an ‘application deadline’ like many companies in Finland. We interview candidates until we find the best one then we hire them! Sometimes it takes two months, sometimes it takes two weeks. So don't wait, if you fall 'in like' with one of our job ads, don't hesitate. Apply immediately :) Good luck!

    Sr SW Test Engineer – UI Framework

    We are searching for a talented senior engineer who has actually developed or tested a UI framework. You will be tasked with keeping our product the highest quality, improving our test automation deep within our engine, consisting of all aspects of software testing. You will plan the feature testing with the developers, create and automate test assets, and maintain the test automation in the continuous integration system. We have ever-expanding test automation for rendering output, application UI testing, performance testing, long period testing, etc. You will be increasing and maintaining those assets too.


    • UI framework testing experience (scripting and C++ used to automate the testing)
    • Desktop GUI development knowledge (WPF, qt, GTK, Swing..)
    • C++ programming skills
    • Scripting skills (Python, Javascript..)
    • Embedded testing experience
    • Performance profiling experience
    • Ambition to develop yourself as a test engineer
    • Good debugging skills
    • Strong team working skills and working in Scrum mode

    Not required but appreciated:

    • Working experience with UI automation testing
    • Graphics programming or testing experience, preferably with OpenGL/ES
    • Experience with DCC tools like Blender, 3DSMax, or Maya
    • Hobby projects in gaming, demos, or OSS

    If this sounds like you and you would like to learn more, please send your CV and application in English to with the subject entitled ‘Sr Test Engineer – UI’. We look forward to meeting you!



    Sr / SW Engineer – UI Framework Developer

    We are searching for two highly talented developers who are able to build high level functionality on components. You need to be well versed in understanding what UI frameworks are all about, how they work, how they behave, their limitations, and how to utilize a wide range of features in (for example) qt, WPF, or similar framework. You have written UI front ends to several applications in the past, you have written custom controls, adapters, themes etc, and you know what it takes to keep things running efficiently on a small team. You also should be able to understand concepts like the data driven model, and are quick to pick up the fundamentals of working with our flagship product, Kanzi.


    • Excellent C/C++ development skills
    • Experience in UI framework(s)
    • Team working skills
    • Ability to pick up new technology and functionality

    Not required, but appreciated:

    • experience in middleware development
    • showcases, general interest in great UI and a proven track record

    It would also be nice if you are familiar with development processes and practices such as Clean API, Documentation, and all the various examples, tutorials, support that accompanies this.

    Once you have proven yourself in this role, you will have the opportunity to join our core engine team where you can work on new feature development, if that is something that interests you. If this sounds appealing to you, please send your CV and application in English to with the subject entitled ‘SW Engineer – UI Developer’. We look forward to hearing from you!



    SW Engineer for Recent Graduate or Current Student

    We are always on the lookout for a talented engineer who is sharp, witty, and potentially top caliber at programming. C and C++ is key here! But you can also have wizard like abilities in graphics APIs, OpenGL/ES, DirectX, and qt, and absolutely if you have skills in UI framework component development! The point is that we are interested in finding young and ambitious coders who pride themselves on creating clean robust code, and who are fearless when it comes to learning new things and solving complex problems with vigor.

    If you are dripping with programming talent, and would like to find a good environment to practice and learn more at an actual product company in Finland, please send your CV and application in English to with the subject entitled ‘SW Engineer – Fresh Grad / Student’. We are ready for you!



    SW Engineer – UI Tools Developer

    We are searching for a cunning and talented developer who is able to build high level tools in our Kanzi studio, to fire up the usability of our solution. Along with the required skills below, you need to understand the basic principles and practices of desktop application development, and know what makes a good tool and how to implement one. Naturally this means identifying gaps in features and requirements, understanding usability, and understanding scalability. We are willing to consider candidates who have experience other than C# and WPF (such as Java or C++), as long as you are able to pick up the needed languages in a short amount of time.

    This is also a small team, so you will need to be experienced in coordinating things clearly and efficiently, plus good at learning and adapting in a timely fashion. Our studio codebase is huge, which will take time, so you would likely start on top of our plugin API then gradually move to core development.


    • Experience on desktop application and tools development
    • Experience in C# development or closely related language
    • Team working skills
    • Ability to pick up new technologies and functionality

    Not required, but appreciated:

    • Knowledge of WPF
    • Experience in creating visual tools
    • Experience in understanding DCC & Design tools

    Its a plus if you have experience related to games and design software in general, like editors in level, material, animation etc, and plugins for DCC tools like 3DSMax.

    If this sounds like you and you would like to learn more, please send your CV and application in English to with the subject entitled ‘SW Engineer – Tools’. We look forward to meeting you!





    Automotive UI Designer

    We are now looking for more talented Graphics/Visual Designers who can design and execute stunning UI concepts. You’ll work with a team of other Creatives, your challenge being to show next generation interactive graphics on mobile console and automotive User Interfaces. Your daily work will consist of creation of 2D and 3D graphics for UIs, such as mobile & media applications, in vehicle infotainment systems and digital clusters; basically everywhere you have a display nowadays (Automotive Cockpit UI, Gaming UI, HMI, Console UI, Media UI, Mobile UI). This is a real design job, not just drawing small pixels!

    We Require: 

    • Good eye for visual design
    • Previous work samples from graphics design
    • Good team working skills
    • Open minded approach
    • You understand the spirit (and principles) of design

    Not required but appreciated:

    • Previous experience from UI design
    • Motion graphics skills
    • Real-time graphics experience
    • 3D skills
    • Experience working with multiple content creation tools, such as 3DSMax, Cinema4D, Maya, Blender, Photoshop and after effects etc.
    • Illustration skills

    If this sounds like you, please send your CV and portfolio in English to with the subject entitled ‘Automotive UI Designer’. We look forward to meeting you!

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