June 26, 2017

ConCar Expo, Berlin, July 5-6, 2017

Rightware will be attending ConCar Expo, an international exhibition and congress for connected car and mobility solutions in Berlin, July 5-6, 2017. The expo is accompanied by four specialist conferences with topics such as current trends and developments in automated driving, HMI and connectivity, IT-security, and digital infrastructure sectors.

Rightware presentation at 9:45am on July 6, 2017

Topic: Creating a seamless user experience for the connected car HMI
Speaker: Derek Sellin, Product Marketing Director at Rightware

  • Realities of UI & UX design in multi-vendor environments
  • A fundamental challenge: integrating virtualized operating systems and services at the UI level
  • One step further: technologies to enable data and resource sharing across disparate HMIs
  • The big question: can third-party services be integrated into a cohesive user experience while maintaining a consistent automotive brand identity?

We would love to meet and discuss challenges and opportunities in UI design and development for the connected car!

Derek Sellin, Product Marketing Director

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