CES 2014:January 7 – 10, Las Vegas

Discover the World’s Most Advanced User Interface Technologies and Benchmarking Software

CES, January 7 – 10, 2014

Rightware Meeting Suite at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas


CES 2014 will mark a major milestone in user interface area as well as benchmarking. Rightware will have a large presence in the show with several customers and partners launching and demoing products with UI designed with Kanzi.


We would like to invite you to book a meeting with us during the show to experience the latest User Interface technologies and designs for automotive and SmartTVs as well as several brand new Benchmarks.


Calendars are filling rapidly so please act fast. You can send an email to sales@rightware.com to schedule a meeting with us. We look forward to meeting with you!

For more information, visit www.rightware.com/  


Kanzi UI Solution





Cluster 360 will premiere at CES. It is a stunning 3D Instrument Cluster combined with IVI features for the next generation vehicles. This demo is designed on Kanzi Studio and executed on target systems by Kanzi Engine


Kanzi Studio was recently upgraded to version 2.8, which brought a wealth of new features for even more productivity and platform support.




Benchmarking Software

 Basemark ES 3.0


 Basemark OS II

The latest installment in the industry’s most popular OpenGL ES benchmark, for OpenGL ES 3.0 performance evaluation.


The essential tool for holistic platform performance evaluations for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.


Basemark Browser 



Basemark Server

We will preview the upcoming version of this popular smartphone and tablet browser benchmarking tool


A brand new addition to Rightware’s extensive product portfolio, Basemark Server is a versatile and industrial grade tool for measuring the performance of server software, SaaS applications and cloud service providers.



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